From the initial outline, to the crafting of slides, to the hours of practice, to the moment I take the stage, I approach public speaking as a great responsibility to the organizers of the event and the audience. Having spent several years in my early career as an educator, I love the opportunity to take the stage, and I know that crafting a relevant, entertaining, and informative message takes preparation and dedication. Below are just a few recent examples of talks I've given on a variety of topics.

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CocoaLove 2015 playButton

CocoaLove 2014

CocoaLove is an annual conference that focuses on the people, rather than the tech. My goal with this talk was to show that one of the greatest success stories in tech history, Apple's rise to dominance in the 2000s, was largely due to a number of key people on Apple's team working in concert. It was more than just well designed products, in other words, that made Apple great.

360iDev 2015 playButton

360iDev 2014

I have spoken at 360iDev on many occasions, usually on business-related topics. In 2014, I decided to change gears and instead give a technical demo of my process for creating App Preview Videos.

MCE 2015 playButton

MCE 2015

Mobile Conference Europe gave me an opportunity to speak about my favorite design topic: focusing on the people who use our products, rather than the judgment of our peers in the design community.