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Samsung Dabbling in Apple Rumors

Samsung official claims Apple plans to release 7.85-inch iPad this year:

Adding to rumors of a smaller iPad from Apple, an unnamed Samsung official allegedly told an Korean publication that the company plans to release a 7.85-inch tablet later this year.

(Via www.appleinsider.com)

Hmmm. Can’t imagine why someone from Samsung would want to start a rumor that Apple will release yet another iPad later this year. Can’t see why you’d want to start such a rumor, hoping that some less-informed people would hold off on buying a new iPad now to wait for the next one that’s just around the corner.

Of course, we saw this same sort of rumor before. Last year, in fact. Right around the launch of the iPad 2. Wasn’t true then. Isn’t true now.

Sad, first that Samsung is desperate enough to try this. Sadder, still, that some people will fall for it.

Apple has no reason to release a smaller tablet. Smaller tablets aren’t tablets. They’re oversized iPods. And no one is buying them.

The Amazon Kindle Fire  is the one 7-inch device that at least saw some success in its initial launch. How the numbers have been since, we have no idea. And the Kindle Fire is not really a tablet computer. It’s a color eReader and movie device, but not much else.

If Apple has some sort of device that’s bigger than an iPhone but smaller than an iPad in the works, it’s not going to be a variant of the iPad. It would be an entirely new device, created to serve some other purpose.

To paraphrase the late Mr. Jobs, a 7-inch iPad wouldn’t be better at anything.

Coffee Time: Market Share vs Profit

Coffee Time: Market Share vs Profit – journal – minimally minimal.

Have to love his last set of images, comparing Apple’s product line to Samsung’s. Thanks to John Gruber for linking to this.

Samsung sets up temp shop next to Apple store in Sydney

Samsung ambushes Apple’s iPhone 4S launch in Sydney.

Wow. This is sort of just. Sad. If you’re THAT shameless and desperate to make any sales that you have to resort to this sort of thing, don’t you have to re-examine your life, or something?

The worst part is that Samsung isn’t going to be luring anyone from buying a 4S with this. Anyone crazy enough to be in an iPhone line for several hours doesn’t care much about a couple hundred dollar discount. So they’re only really attracting more of their own Android fanboys to their store, rather than taking away any of Apple’s.

“There’s this guy who has come up to us trying to convince us to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II two days in a row now,” said Tom. “And he’s an idiot.”

Pretty much says it all.

Guy gets banned from the Android Marketplace

Don’t copy other people’s stuff
It seems obvious – but don’t copy Google’s (or anyone else’s) trademarks or logos. Even for a short-term experiment. It might seem tempting to piggy-back off the success of a popular name, but it’s not worth the risk. Big corporations don’t understand, even if you’re “trying to do the right thing”.

I think this story demonstrates, more than anything about Google, just how justified trademark infringement cases are. People like to lump in these cases with all the patent trolls out there, but the fact of the matter is that what this guy did with his app icon is a tiny version of what Samsung is doing with just about all of its Android products: misrepresenting your products as those that come from another company that is far more successful.

I have no doubt that the only reason this app took off is because the icon convinced most people it was an official Google app. Disclaimers in the description are meaningless. I know from experience, most people don’t bother thoroughly reading your app description, believe me. Especially on a free app. They see a logo, and they grab the app.

That’s why when he re-released the app with a non-Google looking icon, it went nowhere.

Now, this guy says his mistake was unintentional, and it may well have been. Because a lot of people don’t understand just how valuable a brand is to a company. But in Samsung’s case, it’s beyond clear that the copying is blatant and very much intentional. And the financial impact and the long-term impact these sorts of impersonations have on a brand is incalculable.

So while I can’t stand most of the legal craziness going on lately, and I don’t agree with all of Apple’s most recent legal tactics, I have to say, when it comes to the trademark stuff, I can totally see the point.

Stop reacting. Start innovating.

Samsung showed off a new but not yet functioning 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab with a case just .33 inches or 8.6 mm thick (iPad 2 is .34 inches thick, a difference of a quarter of a millimeter) and reportedly weighing 1.31 pounds or 595 grams (iPad 2 is 1.33 lbs or 600 grams), after describing its original 2011 tablet products at Februarys’ Mobile World Congress as “inadequate” compared to iPad 2.

Everything about this announcement sounds like a hasty reaction to Apple’s iPad 2 announcement. I’ll ask again: What part of that announcement was unexpected? Why did Samsung think that the “old” Galaxy Tab 10.1″ version was going to be okay? And why didn’t someone get fired for the obvious lack of vision?

Further, what are you saying to your customers when you ditch all of our products in their infancy in favor of hastily-slapped together “not yet functioning” empty cases? Does anyone give a thought to brand loyalty anymore?

Here’s a tip: Stop announcing products. Take your time, scrap everything you currently have, and spend the next three YEARS developing a product that is going to be ahead of where Apple will be then, not where they are now. That’s the only way to win this game.

Stop reacting. Start innovating.