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The Dark Knight Rises in 2D

No “Dark Knight” 3D – Salon.com: “Nolan is not a fan of digital 3-D, which essentially has turned a fleeting 1950s cinema gimmick into a multi-million-dollar value-added tax on fans who decide they want to put on the glasses and see a film with the illusion of depth.”

(Via. salon.com)


Thank you, Mr. Nolan. At least someone out there understands that 3D is a sham and has the guts to follow his convictions. 

I love his later quote from this same article: “I never meet anybody who actually likes the format, and it’s always a source of great concern to me when you’re charging a higher price for something that nobody seems to really say they have any great love for.”

Meanwhile IMAX, which actually does provide a superior experience, is worth the extra couple of bucks. Provided you actually shoot with an iMAX camera, as is done in these films. 

Is it a coincidence that Nolan’s Batman films are often considered the best in the genre? 

Dame Helen Mirren: ‘Hollywood worships young men’

Dame Helen Mirren has condemned film-makers for aiming movies at young men, saying Hollywood “continues to worship at the altar of the 18- to 25-year-old male and his penis”.

It’s hard to argue with her point. Hollywood most certainly caters to adolescent males. I’d be even more specific: immature and uneducated 18- to 25-year-old males. Which suggests to me that there’s a huge opportunity here for a studio that wanted to cater to women and/or smarter, more educated adults in general. Those films get made, but they most often get relegated to the tiny two-screen houses in the snobby part of town. Give those films a real push in the media, get them on more screens, and I think you could really make some money.

Mirren also notes that the situation is certainly improving, though not quickly enough. I don’t think we’ll see a real change in this situation until we allow more female directors and more female writers opportunities to get into the business. Men are going to make movies about men, for the most part. They do what’s familiar to them. It’s not a vindictive thing; they’re just sticking to what they know.

Maybe eventually we’ll get some female studio executives and owners? That would certainly shake things up a bit.

Get that idea into a billionaire like Oprah’s head, and you’re on your way.

Monsters, Inc. sequel


I thought Disney bought Pixar to raise the level of quality for animation. This endless sequel brigade was a large part of the problem over there before Pixar came on board. The fight over whether or not there should be a Toy Story 3 was legendary. Now, not only do we get Toy Story 3, we get Cars 2 and Monsters, Inc. 2.

Don’t let the money go to your heads, guys. Pixar’s sequels so far have not been disappointing, but if you start making sequels just because it’s easy money, you’re going to eventually get that flop that everyone has been predicting for years.

More Goose Murder by Hollywood

Paramount Pictures is jumping into the 3D fray. The studio will convert the M. Night Shyamalan-directed The Last  Airbender into 3D, using Stereo D, the company that worked on James Cameron’s Avatar. Release date will remain July 2. Get used to those 3D glasses, is the message, here, I guess. Shyamalan is pretty particular about his movies, so he must be sold on the conversion process. I still need to see more conversions to be sold on them. I attended the Tribeca Festival premiere of Shrek Forever After, the DreamWorks Animation film that was conceived in 3D. I found the 3D aspects of the film to be absolutely thrilling. It absolutely enhanced the razor sharp computer animation. 3D conversions have a lot to live up to, but at the same time, the enhancement to the box office revenues of Clash of the Titans was undeniable. Insiders say the conversion will cost Paramount between $5M to $10M, which is likely money that will be recouped — at an extra 3 bucks a ticket.

Sure, the short-term box office effect is undeniable. But what’s the long-term effect of this gouging? I can hear Hollywood crying already about no one going to the movies anymore in a few years. And they’ll blame piracy and even legitimate digital downloads for their lost box office receipts. But $15 3D tickets will be the real reason.

The general public might be sheep, but they’ll rebel eventually.

Didn’t anyone learn anything from the music industry over the last decade?

3D has Already Jumped the Shark

The first three Shrek films are to be converted into 3D, Dreamworks studio has announced.

Ahead of the release of the fourth film in the series, Shrek Forever After, the studio said it was converting the first three for a 3D Blu-ray release.

As if it weren’t bad enough that Hollywood is pilfering my childhood with hundreds of film versions of bad old 80s TV shows (A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard) and remakes of movies that weren’t good the first time around (Clash of the Titans), now they’re going to re-release movies from the last decade in 3D.

Count me amongst the non-believers in the whole 3D thing. Paying more for blurry movies that I can’t watch without putting on germ-ridden plastic glasses is not my idea of a good Friday night out.

But Hollywood has seen the dollar signs, and they will stop at nothing for an excuse to charge us $15 to see Titanic again. How long will it take idiot America to figure out the ruse?

Re-releasing Shrek 1, 2, and 3 in 3D might help speed it up a bit.

Talk about killing the golden goose.